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Astor House


This hotel, founded by the late Mr. D.C. Jansen, is situated on the Whangpoo Road, immediately over the Garden Bridge. It caters for first-class travel only. It is now owned by a company and has been largely refitted and much enlarged by a considerable extension to the rear of the main building. It has advantage of possessing a garden overlooking the river. Prices on application.



Central Hotel


On the Bund, at the corner of the Nanking Road, with an annexe over the way on Nanking Road. This hotel commands a splendid view over the river and the Bund. Rooms from $5 a day; breakfast 75 cents or $18 a month; tiffin $1 or $23 per month; dinner $1.50 or $25 per month; full board $50 per month.



Mercantile and Family Hotel


18 Nanking Road. To reach it, go up Nanking Road, cross the Szechuen Road and this hotel is up an entryway just past Watson’s store. Prices on application.


Hotel des Colonies


72 Rue Montauban, in the French Settlement. Cross to the French side of the Yang-King-Pang Creek, and go up the Rue du Consulat. Rooms are $5 to $12 a day for one person, $10 to $15 for two. Breakfast 75 cents; tiffin $1; dinner $1; breakfast and tiffin $30 per month; tiffin and dinner $40 per month; tiffin or dinner $25 a month; full board $45 a month. The term for rooms are subject to arrangement.


Metropole Hotel


One mile from the Bund, up the Nanking Road. Owing to its position overlooking the race course, this hotel has the advantage of the wind from the cool quarter during the summer. Its special feature is its musical dinners. Rooms, $3 to $6 a day; breakfast $0.75; tiffin $1; dinner $1.50; full board $50 per month.


Runners meet the steamers from all these hotels, some also send buses.


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